Learn to Fly in Colorado Springs

Flight Training Programs

At The Flight School at Colorado Springs, we can help you accomplish your flight training and aviation goals; the sky is not the limit. Our career-focused training program offers the training you need to progress from Discovery Flight to Flight Instructor and beyond, all without the high costs other programs charge for flight training. Colorado Springs is a great place to learn to fly, but we also offer accelerated destination flight training for those interested in going somewhere new. Our intensive training plan guides you through the process quickly and effectively, making you a better pilot in less time and for less expense.

Private Pilot

Our accelerated Private Pilot program prepares you to fly safely on your own, day or night, anywhere you want to go—but not for hire.

Instrument Rating

Our program blends instrument training and commercial time-building to ensure you have the hours and the expertise to safely fly by reference to instruments.

Commercial Pilot

Perfect your maneuvers and learn the law in our high-speed, high-intensity commercial track.

Ground Instructor

Learn to teach on the ground first while on the way to teaching in the sky. Flight training is better when you teach.

Flight Instructor

Carry forward an aviation tradition. Our accelerated CFI plan means you start teaching nearly as soon as you become a commercial pilot.

Build Time

The journey to 1500 hours is a slow one—but it doesn't have to be with our affordable time-building packages.

Your Journey to Airline Transport Pilot

Our Accelerated Flight Training Outline

A unique flight training outline emphasizes a variety of curricula and strategies to help you soar through your ratings with The Flight School at Colorado Springs. Though you’re welcome to join us at any stage of your training and we’re happy to build custom-tailored training plans, our approach to training will always be comprehensive and oriented toward your ultimate aviation goals—whatever those may be.


*All prices listed assume students utilize pre-pay deals and include testing fees and third-party study software costs.


take a discovery flight today and begin your flight training in Colorado Springs

Discovery Flight

Your Introduction to Aviation

A Discovery Flight with The Flight School at Colorado Springs offers an opportunity to experience the thrill of aviation—and decide if it’s right for you! Our Discovery flight includes up to an hour of flight time with a Certificated Flight Instructor.

Stage Cost: $170

Private Stage I

Private Pilot Ground School

We’ve built our curriculum around several important principles. The first of those is that ground knowledge should come first. Acquiring the requisite ground knowledge before you begin the bulk of your flight training will better prepare you to learn in the cockpit, save you money and make you a more diligent, better-prepared pilot.

Stage Cost: $924*

*Includes two ground schools, materials, testing fees and more

flight training at The Flight School in Colorado Springs also involves plenty of ground training
The Flight School at Colorado Springs offers extensive Colorado Springs Flight Training

Private II, III, IV, V

Learning to Fly

As you proceed through pre-solo, solo, dual cross-country, solo-cross country and checkride prep, you’ll add to your ground knowledge with the necessary skills to take command of the airplane.

Estimated Stage Cost: $12,300

Includes: 60/60 Private Pilot Deal, Check Ride Fees

Instructor Stage I

Teaching on the Ground

And just like that, you’re ready to start teaching. On the ground! The best way to learn is to teach, so we strongly encourage students to take the necessary FAA exams to become ground instructors immediately upon becoming a Private Pilot. This way, they can make the most of the remainder of their ground training.

Estimated Stage Cost: $650

Includes: Written Exam Fees, Materials

learn to teach as part of your flight training in Colorado Springs with The Flight School at Colorado Springs
instrument flight training in Colorado Springs with The Flight School

Instrument Stage I

Instrument Ground School

Learn to fly all over again—without looking outside! The long trek to an instrument rating is best started on the ground. Our ground schools feature in-person or online classes plus a video course and student-teacher study sessions.

Estimated Stage Cost: $954

Includes: Two Ground Schools, Exam Fees, Materials

Instructor Stage II

Teaching Instrument Ground

After you complete our instrument ground school, you’ll be so well-prepared, we’ll have you qualify to teach it yourself. As you proceed through your instrument simulator and flight training, you’ll be leading your classmates’ study sessions as an FAA-certificated instrument ground instructor.

Estimated Stage Cost: $395

Includes: Exam Fees, Materials

instrument maps are a big part of flight training with The Flight School at Colorado Springs
flight training isn't just about flight training—it's about simulator training, too! The Flight School at Colorado Springs offers excellent opportunities for both

Instrument Stage II


Our program combines the requirements of both an instrument rating and a commercial certificate, so our instrument students complete 50 hours in an Advanced Aviation Training Device (AATD) before beginning instrument flight training. This saves them money and better prepares them to exceed the standards required for an instrument rating.

Estimated Stage Cost: $5,250

Includes: Simulator Training Package

Instrument Stage III


It won’t take long to translate the skills you learned in the simulator to an aircraft. Since you’ll already know all there is to know about instrument flying, now all you have to do is apply it.

Estimated Stage Cost: $4,505

Includes: Instrument Flight Training Package, Check Ride Fee

The Flight School at Colorado Springs offers many instrument-focused flight training opportunities in the Colorado Springs area
Instrument flight training can be a challenging endeavor, but with help from The Flight School at Colorado Springs, your flight training will be much more straightforward

Instrument Stage IV

XC Time-Building

You’ll spend the next 80 hours of flight time flying to new places with another student. The entire time, you’ll shoot instrument approaches and simulate flying by instruments. Why stay in Colorado Springs for your flight training? Take the plane and go somewhere! Alternatively, try Flight Training Adventures!

Wrap up instrument training with several more hours of instruction and flying before taking your instrument checkride.

Estimated Stage Cost: $5,400

Includes: Instrument Time-Building Package

Commercial Stage I

Commercial Pilot Ground School

Time to hit the books again! But this time, instead of just learning, you’ll actually be teaching! You’ll teach lessons on law, aerodynamics, systems and more during this exciting phase of training.

Estimated Stage Cost: $749

Includes: Two Ground Schools, Exam Fees, Materials

flight training at The Flight School in Colorado Springs also involves plenty of ground training
Earn the ability to make money flying with commercial flight training in Colorado Springs

Commercial II & III

Flight & Complex Training

Back in the air again and out from under the hood, you’ll learn a number of new flight maneuvers and perfect your landings in preparation for your checkride. You’ll also gain the skills and endorsements required to pilot complex or retractable gear aircraft.

Estimated Stage Cost: $5,022

Includes: Commercial Flight Training Package Deal

Instructor III

Initial CFI

Now that you’ve spent your entire aviation training journey teaching on the ground, you’ll be much better prepared to teach in the sky. In this stage, you’ll spend much of your time on the ground preparing your own teaching materials while learning to transition to the right seat and teach inside an airplane.

Estimated Stage Cost: $2,550

Includes: Flight Instructor Training Pre-Pay Package, Check Ride Fee

Instructor flight training at the Flight School at Colorado Springs
Learn to go new places with Destination Flight Training from The Flight School at Colorado Springs

Instructor IV

Instrument Instructor

This optional-but-recommended add-on allows you to teach instrument students and perform instrument proficiency checks. Though it isn’t required to start teaching, it better qualifies instructors and we recommend nearly all candidates complete the checkride as soon as possible after becoming a CFI—while everything is still fresh.

Estimated Stage Cost: $2,210

Includes: Flight Instructor Training Pre-Pay Package, Check Ride Fee

Time Build

Teach or Fly

Teaching from 250 hours to 1500 is a common path, but if you have the means to fly yourself there, we have the airplanes and time-building packages for you. Many students become instructors with the flight school they train with, while some pilots seek other types of work flying pipeline patrols, survey flights, drop zones, banner towing and more!

Estimated Cost, 250 to 1450: $85,000

With The Flight School at Colorado Springs, your flight training is all your own

Flight Training Plan Cost Breakdown

Budgeting for flight training can be difficult. At The Flight School at Colorado Springs, we offer full pricing transparency, so you know what to expect. Students following the above plan can pay as they fly or pre-pay by stage. Any overflown stage must be paid off before a new stage can begin.

StagePay-As-You-Go CostPre-Pay Discount Cost
Discovery Flight$170$170
Private Ground$924$924
Private Flight$13,994$12,300
Private Total$13,994$13,414
Ground Instructor I$650$650
Ground Instructor II$395$395
Ground Instructor Total$1,045*$1,045*
Instrument Ground$999$999
Instrument Simulator$5,250$5,250
Instrument Flight$4,905$4,505
Instrument Time-Building$6000$5,400
Instrument Total$17,154$16,154
Commercial Ground$749$749
Commercial Flight$5,480$5,022
Commercial Total$6,229$5,771
Flight Instructor I$2,700$2,550
Flight Instructor II$2,355$2,210
Flight Instructor Total$5,055$4,760
Discovery Flight to CFII$43,477$41,143
Time-Building 250 to 1450$90,000*$81,000*
Discovery to 1450$144,517$133,183

*Optional Stages. Pre-Pay cost without Ground Instructor Certificates nor Time Building: $40,098.