Instrument Flight Time Package


Federal Aviation Regulations dictate that a candidate for an instrument rating must receive 15 hours of instruction from a qualified instructor toward the instrument rating. These 15 hours of training are provided by this package, though the training itself is interrupted by instrument cross-country time-building. This package also includes an extra 2 hours of flight time for use during the checkride itself. Hours flown in this package are flown in an aircraft with more advanced avionics, capable of flying GPS approaches. The 17 hours of flight time and 20 hours of instrument instruction provided in this package are discounted 5% for those who pre-pay.

Typically, we require students to complete our Instrument Ground School, 50 hours of instrument training in an Advanced Aviation Training Device (aka “Simulator”), then complete up to 10 of the hours of instrument flight training included in this package before setting out on an adventure to build time with other students. Then, once adequate cross-country and PIC time requirements are met, the student returns to wrap up instrument flight training by completing any remaining instructional requirement before flying the last two hours of this package during the check ride itself.

Price reflects a 5% pre-pay discount. Pre-paid packages are nonrefundable.

Acceptance to our program and completed sign-up are required before you can purchase this package.