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Our innovative, customized training plan helps you become twice the pilot for half the cost.
Your path to becoming a great aviator starts at The Flight School at Colorado Springs.

Discovery to CFII for only $45,000*

Your time is valuable. Don't waste it. Learn aviation quickly with our innovative teaching approach and carefully-designed training path. Cost includes testing fees and more.

Go Somewhere New!

Tired of turning left? Flight Training Adventures, our sibling program for those in search of new landing strips, offers destination flight training. You pick from pre-planned routes, or build your own with our help and learn as you travel.

Stack Up The Hours

Don't want to wait around? We'll pair you up, then send you up with affordable time-building packages. Fly from 250 hours to 1450 for only $95,000.

Safety first. No front desk. hidden cost. extra charges. nonsense.

We know what it’s like to spend too much for too little on flight training, so The Flight School at Colorado Springs is dedicated to a no-nonsense approach. Our Operations team works from home and instructors often teach ground virtually. This saves you money on drive time to the airport when you won’t be flying.

We know you have places to fly—we’re here to help you get there.

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With The Flight School at Colorado Springs, your flight training is all your own
Funding your flight training can be a nightmare. Our guide covers financing, scholarships and some additional, more questionable solutions.
Buying an airplane so you can learn to fly comes with many rewards, but it's a risky venture. The Flight School at Colorado Springs can help.
flight training isn't just about flight training—it's about simulator training, too! The Flight School at Colorado Springs offers excellent opportunities for both
Chair flying offers an easy, free way to prepare for your next flight lesson at home.
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FAQ - The Flight School at Colorado Springs

Accelerated flight training focuses on promoting intensive training and academic rigor within the flight training process. With The Flight School at Colorado Springs pilots have an opportunity to complete ratings more quickly and more effectively without compromising on safety or price.

Flight training is notoriously expensive, especially in growing cities like Colorado Springs. A professional pilot can typically expect to pay upwards of $75,000 on training costs from Discovery Flight to Instructor ratings. With The Flight School at Colorado Springs, students have an opportunity to complete the same training for less than $50,000.

Factors Affecting Flight Training

In any flight training operation, costs vary and shift significantly based on many factors, including weather and maintenance delays, the cost of fuel and student aptitude, dedication and effort. We’re experts at helping guide students through this expensive, time-consuming and often-stressful process with as little headache as possible.

Most high-paying pilot jobs, but especially flying for an airline, require more than a commercial pilot certificate. Pilots generally must obtain about 1500 hours of flight time before qualifying for an Airline Transport Pilot (ATP) certificate.

Commercial flight training only requires 250 hours of experience, so to build time toward the 1500 hour requirement, pilots are faced with several options, including providing flight instruction, buying an airplane to build time or trying to find an often difficult-to-obtain, low-paying flying job. These options all typically involve years of hard work with little pay. Many pilots “wash out” and find jobs in other industries.

A Time-Sensitive Flight Training Solution

The Flight School at Colorado Springs aims to make time-building, or renting aircraft to fly your own way to 1500 hours, more affordable. Many students find that investing in the experience now in an expedited fashion will pay major dividends over the course of a career at a major airline—especially since they’ll be eligible much sooner than the alternative. To this end, The Flight School at Colorado Springs offers affordable time-building packages to help pilots gain more-valuable experience, faster.

The aviation community, especially in an Air Force-centered place like Colorado Springs, offers diverse flight training solutions. The law provides two major categories of flight school: Part 61 and Part 141.

Part 141 Flight Training

Part 141 schools provide the opportunity to accomplish your training faster, but with much more rigid rules, government oversight and few deviations from a set path. Unfortunately, despite providing fewer flight hours overall, this type of training is typically more costly, not less expensive, than the alternative.

Part 61 Flight Schools

Part 61, on the other hand, offers students an opportunity to diversify their training and learn in a broader variety of ways. The Flight School at Colorado Springs offers Part 61 flight training from instructors familiar with the benefits, drawbacks, strategies and methodology of both major flight school types.

The best way to learn to fly an airplane is in a flight school environment that supports you, the student, in accomplishing your specific goals. The Flight School at Colorado Springs strives to create a safer, more friendly environment to support your goals efficiently and without breaking the bank.

The greater Colorado Springs area includes at least three airports:

  • Colorado Springs Municipal Airport (KCOS)
  • Meadow Lake Airport (KFLY)
  • Colorado Springs East (CO4)

The Flight School hangars its airplanes at Meadow Lake Airport, in Peyton, but can pick you up to train at any of the region’s airports. Because relocating typically involves a repositioning fee, we typically meet students at our hangars at Meadow Lake. Because we serve the entirety of the Colorado Springs region, you may see The Flight School described as “at Meadow Lake” or “at Colorado Springs.”

The Flight School at Colorado Springs offers accelerated flight training for those with an adventurous spirit. Our flight training programs literally take you places while you develop the skills necessary for the most demanding of aviation careers.

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