Bulk Hours – Night XC IFR


For those seeking a huge discount on flight time, this package offers a great opportunity to build hours for more than 15% off our normal hourly pricing. The package does, however, come with some restrictions.

This 50 hour package requires splitting time with another pilot. One pilot must be the pilot flying “under the hood” while the other pilot acts as required safety pilot crew. Hours must be flown at night and on an IFR flight plan and only when flying cross-country. There are several reasons for these limitations, including flight safety, availability of the aircraft for full-paying customers and more. The resulting time-building, however, greatly benefits all involved.

Price reflects a 15% pre-pay discount. Pre-paid packages are nonrefundable.

Acceptance to our program and completed sign-up are required before you can purchase this package.


Those who purchase this package—which offers our greatest savings—book standby flight time and may see their reservations change more than 24 hours in advance if a full-price customer or student in training must use the aircraft. Instances are rare, but because of the extremely-discounted nature of the flight time, we ask nighttime bulk hour package fliers to yield to those paying full price. Changes to the schedule within 24 hours of a reservation are not permitted without permission of all parties involved in the change.

Pre-pay bulk hour deals are nonrefundable in all circumstances. The Flight School does not take responsibility for a shortage of available time-splitting partners, but will make every reasonable effort to ensure you have someone to split the time with. You’re always allowed to use the hours at a double rate—ie flying by yourself or with passengers, but using up twice as many package hours as flying with a paying partner.