Flight Instructor Flight Training


Though flight instructor training is offered on an hour-by-hour basis for those not seeking to complete both the initial and instrument add-on instructor ratings and those who don’t believe they’ll need this much time, our package combines an estimation of the flight hours we think you’ll find useful toward learning to fly from the right seat and gain confidence teaching in the air.

Typically, we recommend students use this time to fly with each instructor on staff to learn different perspectives and styles of teaching so they might better inform and develop their own. Often the most fun training, our instructors love “playing student” and recreating the most interesting, creative and useful moments of their own teaching careers for soon-to-be CFI candidates.

This package includes:

  • 8 Hours Flight Time
  • 5 Hours Flight Instruction (three of which we require be with an endorsing, two-year CFI)
  • 7 Hours Instrument Flight Time
  • 5 Hours Instrument Instruction

Price reflects a 5% pre-pay discount. Pre-paid packages are nonrefundable.

Acceptance to our program and completed sign-up are required before you can purchase this package.