Instrument Time-Building Package


After beginning your instrument flight training, you’ll need to build serious cross-country PIC time. To do this, we offer a pre-pay package of 80 hours of split time at a 10% discount from full-price. This means you’ll fly with another student to save on operational costs, while acting as either “pilot flying” or “safety pilot” and receive an additional discount for pre-paying.

For just under 40 of the 80 hours, you’ll log PIC time as the pilot flying, earning valuable time “under-the-hood” simulated-instrument time and likewise important cross-country time. For the remaining just-over-40 of the 80 hours, you’ll act as a safety pilot, helping another student by watching for traffic, practicing instruction and helping manage the flight deck.

By the time you complete your time building, you’ll have more than enough time and experience to show up better-than-prepared for your instrument checkride. You’ll proceed to a few final hours of checkride prep with a CFII and then take your test!

Price reflects a 5% pre-pay discount. Pre-paid packages are nonrefundable.

Acceptance to our program and completed sign-up are required before you can purchase this package.