Build Flight Time

Pay Less to Fly More

Offering bulk discounts for time building is a core element of what we do at The Flight School. Our goal is to build better pilots by offering more accessible, more affordable flight training options. Among those options, we encourage pilots to pursue diverse training opportunities—such as flying only at night while going somewhere new on an IFR flight plan. This helps build more valuable, more diverse hours and experience while pilots ready themselves for a career in aviation.

Discounts for Building Flight Hours

Our bulk discounts range from 5% to 15%, with more restrictions on the type and time you can fly as your discount deepens. All pre-pay plans are nonrefundable and all prices already reflect the discounts we apply. If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to give us a call! If you’re looking for similar advantages in your flight training, check out our accelerated flight training plan!

250 to 1450 Hours

~ 8 months
Flight Instructing
~ 15 Months

*Based on time-building estimates of120h/month and instructing at 80h/month.

The Benefits of Hour-Building

Building hours seems like an expensive proposition—and it certainly can be. But with the Flight School at Colorado Springs, building hours using flight-splitting and our bulk hour discounts, flight time building can be not just achievable, but affordable.

Career Benefits to Flight Time Building

Especially for airline pilots, the sooner you begin the career you want, the more time you have to gain seniority and the sooner you achieve better pay.

 The longer it takes you to build your hours to the ATP minimum of 1500, the less opportunity you have to make money later in life—especially since airline pilots must retire at age 65.

Investing in Building Flight Hours

Some estimates suggest the investment in hour-building instead of working your way to 1500 hours can return hundreds of thousands of dollars over the course of a career—and it makes sense if you think about it. Even just one extra year at an airline late in a career can net close to a half-million dollars!

Diverse Flight Hour Building

The more diverse your flight time experience, the better your resume will look to any potential employer—airline or otherwise. That’s why we offer special packages devoted to the most valuable hours—night, IFR and cross-country. But it’s not just about the resume—the diversity of conditions you fly in also makes you a better pilot.

build flight hours and time build toward your ATP minimums with The Flight School at Colorado Springs