Accelerated Flight Training

Fly There Faster

With tens of thousands of collective hours, specialized degrees and endless experience related to accelerated education programs, our team at The Flight School at Colorado Springs is well-prepared to deliver flight training at a fast pace. Though our programs require intensive dedication and focus, we offer everything you need to accomplish your aviation goals quickly, effectively and affordably.

Smaller is Faster – Accelerated Training in Smaller Groups

Unlike other many other companies offering accelerated training and bulk hours, we only admit students once current students graduate and schedule space frees up, ensuring no competition for aircraft time.

Accelerate Training, Not Safety

No one can guarantee a specific timeframe. Weather, maintenance and several dozen other factors affect your training. We always encourage students to budget extra time and budget to accomplish a rating than they expect it’ll take, because we refuse to compromise safety for the sake of accelerating your flight training.

Our accelerated packages below require enrollment to purchase. Please apply for our program or get in touch for more information!

Expected Timeline

Discovery to CFII with The Flight School
6 Months
Discovery to CFII with Other Providers
8-10 Months

Timelines are not guaranteed and depend on factors largely outside of our control, such as weather, maintenance demands and student attention, effort and dedication.

Expected Cost

Discovery to CFII with The Flight School
Discovery to Instructor with "Other Provider"

*Competitor data based on quote from ATP’s website, current Nov, 23. Both estimates include testing fees.

accelerate your training with The Flight School at Colorado Springs

Accelerated Training, But Also Advanced Training

Accelerated flight training offers many benefits according to the Laws of Learning. Intensity, exercise, effect and recency all benefits students who accelerate their flight training. At The Flight School at Colorado Springs, we lean into the idea that if you eat, breathe, fly, walk and talk aviation around-the clock, the information you learn and the skills you obtain will stick with you better and for longer.