Ground Schools

The Knowledge You Need

Flight schools don’t often tell you that becoming a pilot is 30% flying and 70% ground study. It’s understandable why—few students want to hear “you need to study more” when the perceived alternative is hopping in an airplane and taking off.

But at The Flight School at Colorado Springs, ground school is a big deal. In our professional training programs, students aren’t permitted to progress beyond the third lesson of a flight training course until ground school is complete and they’ve passed the FAA written exam. We believe, based on our collective experience, that knowing your stuff before you get in the air will make you better prepared and save you on expensive flight training costs. Everything in the air will make a lot more sense if you know what you’re talking about beforehand.

Virtual Ground School Saves You Money

Our ground schools are typically offered virtually and are designed to work in tandem with video self-study through Sporty’s Online Ground Schools. This allows our ground instructors to assign additional study materials each day and answer questions you have while you progress through a self-paced study course. The high-intensity of our ground school format is also designed to help immerse you in the material—which often results in faster and more thorough comprehension and retention.

Ground School: Foundational Knowledge

Ground Training with The Flight School
1-2 Weeks
Ground Training with Other Providers
4-6 Weeks