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With The Flight School at Colorado Springs, your flight training is all your own

Financing Your Flight Training

Funding your flight training can be a nightmare. Our guide covers financing, scholarships and some additional, more questionable solutions.
Buying an airplane so you can learn to fly comes with many rewards, but it's a risky venture. The Flight School at Colorado Springs can help.
flight training isn't just about flight training—it's about simulator training, too! The Flight School at Colorado Springs offers excellent opportunities for both
Chair flying offers an easy, free way to prepare for your next flight lesson at home.
flight training at The Flight School in Colorado Springs also involves plenty of ground training
Learn what to expect from an accelerated Private Pilot Ground School with The Flight School at Colorado Springs.
build flight hours and time build toward your ATP minimums with The Flight School at Colorado Springs
There's more to time-building than total time. The diversity of your experience matters too, so ensure you make the most of your time-building.
Learning to fly from the ground first saves money, time and energy in the cockpit while accelerating your training and making you a better pilot.
learn to teach as part of your flight training in Colorado Springs with The Flight School at Colorado Springs
The best way to learn something is to teach it. This is the foundation of our accelerated coursework: start teaching as soon as you learn something and your training will become much easier.