learn to teach as part of your flight training in Colorado Springs with The Flight School at Colorado Springs

Teaching to Learn? Or Learning To Teach?

The best way to learn something is to teach it. This is the foundation of our accelerated coursework: start teaching as soon as you learn something and your training will become much easier.

Become a Ground Instructor, they said. It’ll be a great way to reinforce ground knowledge and prepare to become a flight instructor, they said.

They were right.

As the leading flight training operation in Colorado Springs, The Flight School is always looking for ways to improve our students’ learning experience. Among the many techniques we incorporate into our curricula is student-led teaching. From the beginning, we encourage students to be active participants in their aviation education by using student-led presentations to spark discussions about content in our Private Pilot Virtual Ground School.

Soon after becoming Private Pilots, students in our accelerated career-focused training program become FAA-certificated Ground Instructors. As Advanced Ground Instructors, students can tutor their peers, who can subsequently log the ground training toward ratings and certificates. The mutually-beneficial arrangement of students becoming teachers helps reinforce concepts taught in ground schools to all involved and provide early and regular instructional practice to the ground instructor, ultimately benefitting any instructor pilot who will go on to become flight instructors.

Teaching is a great way to keep learning.

Matthea Harvey

Part of the reason airlines and other aviation employers love seeing “Flight Instructor” on pilot resumes is because everyone who’s worked as a flight instructor knows: it isn’t until you teach something that you really truly know it.

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