Bulk Hours – Anytime Package


Save more than 10% on the regular cost of flight time when you buy hours in packages of 50. Go in with a friend and split the time with someone you choose or we can help you find flying partners to ensure you can fly whenever someone else is free to share the cost.

Using bulk discounts to fly your way to ATP minimums can be a huge help in getting to higher-paying work faster, making you more money in the long run. Because airline pilots especially are forced into retirement at age 65, the faster you enter the workforce as an airline pilot and begin accruing your seniority, the more money and time you’ll save in the long run. An investment in your future now can pay major dividends down the road.

Our bulk hour packages come with some limitations. You may book standby flights, but those paying for full-price flights and for training receive priority. You do, however, have priority over those purchasing night-only hours when flying at night. Bulk hour packages are non-refundable in all circumstances and while we do everything reasonable we can to help you find flying partners, we do not take responsibility for a lack of available pilots to split time. You may, however, use your bulk hours by yourself at twice the speed—for example, fly 15 of the hours by yourself or with passengers instead of flying 30 with a time-splitting partner.

Price reflects a 10% pre-pay discount. Pre-paid packages are nonrefundable.

Acceptance to our program and completed sign-up are required before you can purchase this package.